January 19, 2013

Review: LUSH Facial Cleanser & Toner

Herbalism facial cleanser & Tea Tree Water

I went into Lush in November, looking specifically for a Fresh Face Mask because I had heard such good things about all of them, and when I went to check out, one of the girls started telling about their cleansers. She asked me what I used on my face at the moment (which was Proactive, but I was looking for something new because I hate going to kiosks), and she took me over to the cleansers and said that Herbalism was "like Earth's Proactive." Which I was skeptical about, but thought it was cheap enough to just try it out later. So i bought it last month, and I am COMPLETELY disappointed! :(

Herbalism facial cleanser

First off, Herbalism smells AWFUL!! Which is so weird, because most of Lush's products smell delightful! When I first opened it, it smelled like those store-bought hummus packets, but I thought maybe that was because I had just opened it and maybe it would smell better the more i opened it. That was not the case. It still smells bad, and I've stopped using it for more reasons than the smell. My skin doesn't feel clean at all after using it, and actually seems more oily! 

Tea Tree Toner Water

I wasn't nearly as disappointed with this as I was the cleanser! There was the same problem, though, where my skin doesn't feel very clean. This tea tree water makes my face feel more fresh rather than completely clean. I would recommend something like witch hazel, instead, because can really feel it working.

So, obviously, I would recommend you to NOT purchase Herbalism. But I don't really have much of an opinion on the Tea Tree Water, because it could easily just be my skin that needs something a bit stronger. I was just so disappointed :(

Overall, I'll give these product... 2 stars? I think thats about fair.


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