April 16, 2013

April Wishes

1. Topshop Knitted Legend Crop Sweater - Let's be honest, I don't need anymore sweaters, especially spring sweaters! The next time I'll be able to wear sweaters is in the winter (maybe fall, if I'm lucky). BUT IT'S JUST SO CUTE! - $72.00

2. Kimchi Blue Spectator Colorblock Satchel - I've been wanting a colorblock bag for a while now, and I really like this one. It's a good price for the size, but it is at Urban Outfitters, and I've had bad experiences with a lot of bags from there. I'm going to an Urban Outfitters next week, so I'll see if it's good quality or not. - $59.00

3. Topshop Knitted Barcode Motif Jumper - Don't need it for weather conditions, but I'm pretty sure I need it for my heart. I know if I don't buy this, I'm going to regret it, and I'm going to hate myself every time I wear black and white when it's cold. (Got a bit dramatic there haha) - $68.00

4. BDG Acid-Washed Button-Down Chambray Shirt - This is just the cutest chambray shirt I've seen. The color's Peach, but it is an acid wash, so peach mixed with the blue makes it come out more a purple - which I love! - $59.00

5. Topshop Bright Flower Cami Top - I just think this is really cute for spring. And it's really just so simple, that you can wear it any other spring, no matter what the trend is! It's pricey for a tank top, so I'm going to wait until it goes on sale. - $72.00

6. Ever Rose Crown - I can't think of a time where I would ever wear something this big and bold on my head, but it's so cute, and if I were ever given the opportunity to wear it, I would! - $110.00

7. Topshop MOTO 'POW' Bleach Joni Jeans - I can't remember the last time I absolutely fell in love with a pair of jeans before I put them on, but Topshop never fails! - $84.00

8. Topshop Knitted Letter Motif Crop Jumper - I've mentioned these before in another wishlist, but I still don't have them, and I still want them! - $64.00

9. Topshop Lips in Saint - I got a Topshop lip tint in the mail yesterday, and I already need more! I love pink lips, a neutral/ baby pink is something I've been looking for for a while now, and I hope this is it! - $16.00


Let me know in the comments if you guys own or want any of these - especially the lipstick! If you have this lipstick, let me know if it's neutral or bright, please :)


April 12, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello lovies!

Thanks to both Jenni and Charlotte for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! They're both so sweet, and their blogs are definitely worth checking out. Thank you guys!

1. Thank the ones who nominated you and make sure to add their link.
2. List 7 facts about yourself.
3. Choose 15 new bloggers to nominate.
4. Comment on their latest post, telling them you nominated them.

Let's get to it!

1. My Nana let me taste her iced coffee when I was like 1 or 2, and then I was obsessed with coffee until 2 years ago, and now I prefer tea.

2. I blame my Nana for me being only 5 ft. (4' 11.8" actually, but let's just round it off).

3. I enjoy reading, but I can never find a book that I enjoy reading. I guess that's why I like blogging so much!

4. I'm very picky when it comes to chocolate, and I only crave it on rare occasions.

5. Personally, one of the worst things is when you crave soup in the middle of summer. Because why would you eat soup when it's like 90 to 100 degrees outside??

6. I will never understand how fast food is cheaper than fruits and vegetables. Like, yeah okay, that may not be real chicken, but it's still an entire meal that's cheaper than one avocado!

7. I was planning on taking a year off from school, but I actually ended up just taking a semester off, and now I'm starting college next month.


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April 11, 2013

Giveaway Winner! And New Giveaway...?

Hello lovies!!

I just wanted to make a quick post to congratulate Sophie on winning my giveaway! And I recommend you go check out her blog, it's great, and she's such a sweetheart!

I also wanted to talk about my next giveaway, as I am close to 100 followers now!

I was thinking of doing a makeup bag filled with a bunch of American drugstore products that are raved about throughout the Blogosphere, and it's going to be open everywhere except for US/Canada, obviously haha.

But if you guys could tell me what you would want to see in that bag, and what you suggest could go in there, that would be great because I'm not positive on what we have that you can't get anywhere else!


What American drugstore products would you like to see in the bag? And have you check out Sophie's blog yet?? :)


April 7, 2013

Artist of the Month: 5 Seconds of Summer

L-R: Michael, Luke, Ashton, and Calum

5 Seconds of Summer (or 5sos) is an Australian band that is now the opening act for One Direction's Take Me Home world tour. A tour I wasn't even planning on going to until I came across these guys!

The band consists of Luke (vocals/guitar - 16), Calum (vocals/bass - 17), Michael (guitar/vocals - 17), and Ashton (drums/vocals - 18). 5sos got their start by posting covers on Youtube in 2011, and have already gotten the chance to write with McFly and Busted, and as I said earlier, open for One Direction for the entire world tour! I'm not sure about what kind of following they have, because The Vamps have just as many views on their videos, but haven't accomplished nearly as much as 5sos has.

I would love to go see them in Atlanta, but ticket prices are too expensive. When I saw One Direction in Orlando last year, I was sat 7th row for 300-something dollars. Now nosebleeds are going for the same price!

I'd love to see them live, but the more I look at tickets, the more I realize that it's just not going to happen.


Have you heard of 5 Seconds of Summer? And are any of you going to the Take Me Home tour? Also, if you haven't yet, go enter my giveaway! :)


April 4, 2013

March Favorites & Disappontments

Hello lovies!

I only have one disappointing product from March, so that's good! Not all of these are new, but I've rekindled my love for them. So let's get to it, shall we?


1) Ocean Salt Face/Body Scrub - I got this Lush product a couple months ago, and I just love it. It smells SO GOOD! When you first get it, you have to stir it all together because the salt is on the top, and I was so scared to stir it together because I thought the bottom half wouldn't smell as good - but it does, all is good! It's a little harsh on my skin, so I only use it twice a week, and that's all I need. - $21.95

2) Hope in a Jar moisturizer - First of all, I apologize because it's torn and not pretty - but it is a sample, and that's a big problem with sample packaging. This moisturizer is SO good! I have combination skin, so I don't have to use very much of it for it to do the job. It smells a little.. weird. Not necessarily bad, just an odd smell. It smells kind of like a spray tan or hair bleach, but luckily it's not a scent that's strong enough to stay for a while. It's been a few weeks since I ran out of the sample, and if it wasn't so expensive, I would've already gotten the 2 oz! - $40.00

3) Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes! - I would have never thought of trying this mascara if I hadn't gotten it as a sample along with an eyelash curler (mentioned in this haul) because the sample is always so hard to open in Ulta. But I'm very glad I got to try it because it's a very good mascara! It says it's "clinically-proven to increase lash volume by 424% and lash curl by 90.2%." If it did that, I wouldn't be able to open my eyes and I'd have to hold my lashes up with my hands. It'd be like having bangs in your face but your eyelashes instead, like "Oh, hold on, let me lift my lashes out of the way." But despite the exaggerated promises, it's a very good mascara, and with different packaging, I would definitely buy it! - $19.00

4) Naked Basics palette - I've had this since it came out and never really used it. I used Venus a few times, but that was about it. But I used it almost every time I put on makeup last month. I got to experiment with it, and ended up using it a lot more than I thought I would. - $27.00

5) Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express - I did a review on this early last month (which you can see here), with much better pictures. You can see what the wand looks like, and what it did for my lashes as well. - $7.99

6) MAC Powder Blush in Springsheen - This color is absolutely gorgeous. I was looking for something similar to Nars' Deep Throat, and it is close, it just has more of a shimmer to it. Springsheen is a lovely peachy-coral color with a fair amount of gold shimmer, and it is absolutely gorgeous on. I'd say it's closer to Nars' Orgasm rather than Deep Throat, they are quite similar in color, just not in shimmer. Although I do love this MAC blush, I will be picking up Nars' Deep Throat next time I stop by Sephora. 'Cause a girl can't have too many blushers, right? - $21.00

7) MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in Desires & Devices - I came across this at the most perfect time possible! I was looking for an eyeliner similar to the Urban Decay eyeshadow color Darkhorse (brown with dark green undertone), and I found Desires & Devices which is even better! It's dark green with a brown undertone and kind of a shimmer to it, and I have hazel eyes that are basically brown because its really hard to bring the green out, and this makes the green in my eyes show a bit more! - $19.50

8) Stila Lip Glaze in Guava - I bought this last year when I had dyed my hair red, because stupid me decided to make a huge commitment to dye my hair red and didn't have any lip colors that wouldn't clash with my hair! So I went to Ulta and asked one of the girls there what would look best with my hair color, and she came up with this and an Urban Decay color. I found it hidden away in my armoire a few weeks ago, and I haven't stopped using it since. And let me just say: This. Smells. So. Good! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Stila's lip glazes are all supposed to smell and taste like the name? If so, I'm going to be buying so many more of these, despite the fact that I hate the applicator. - $22.00

9) Essie's Sand Tropez - This is a gorgeous nude that is absolutely perfect for spring! I love tan and black together, so sometimes I'll put black stripes over them, and it's really cute. I was kind of worried about what it would look like on me, because I'm quite pale, but it actually doesn't look bad at all! - $8.00


I'm lucky enough to only have one product that I was completely disappointed with this month and that is Revlon Photo Ready 3D Volume. I'm not putting a link to this one for obvious reasons. But I did a review on this last month, which you can read here, and the only good thing about it was how black it was. To this day it is the blackest black out of all the Blackest Blacks I've tried. And that's it. - $8.99


I realized about half-way through this post that I didn't do any swatches, so if you guys would like them, just tell me in a comment below, and I'll do some swatches and add them to this post sometime this weekend.