October 26, 2013

Stay Spooky: Halloween Fashion

Hello lovies :)
Halloween is just a few days away and so I wanted to discuss the clothes, because they've been better this year than they have in a while!
I know, Halloween's in 4 days, and after that we'll be dressed in oversized christmas sweaters. But the great thing about most of these is that they don't even reference anything Halloween-y, so you could wear them whenever you wanted! (#7 excluded, obvs)

My personal favorite are 3 and 6, I definitely plan on buying them. The denim jacket is so cute because the front is distressed and it all just really ties in together nicely. And I love how the crop top is a subtle face, instead of say 1 or 5.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


So are you guys excited about Halloween? What are you planning on doing? Let me know in the comments :)


October 23, 2013

Wishes: Band Merch & Graphics

Hello lovies!!
I know, it's been forever. I'm back in school and I forgot how physically and emotionally draining it is :( But I'm back now, hopefully I can keep blogging on a regular basis!

Well, over the past few months, my love for graphic tees and band merch has grown tremendously, and I like to believe I'm punk rock now which we all know is not true.

1) Feather Hearts We All Fall Down Cropped Tee - I like longer crop tops because I'm petite, so they just look like regular, flowy t-shirts on me - $34

2) Truly Madly Deeply Catsssss Cropped Tee - $29

3) All Time Low Reckless Mank Tank Top - Okay, so I actually already own this but I really love it, its a muscle tee and its so big and comfortable, and All Time Low is one of my favorite bands - $18 (sold out)

4) 5 Seconds of Summer Derping Since 2011 T-shirt - I own this one too, but again, 5sos is one of my favorite bands haha - $24

5) Truly Madly Deeply Sunny Daisy Box Cropped Tee - I went to Urban Outfitters in Orlando, planning to buy this.. and if you've been in more than one UO, you know they're all different.. yeah, well they didn't carry it, and I can't leave UO without buying something so I went to the sale section and bought a t-shirt instead - $29

6) Truly Madly Deeply Garden Muscle Tee - I really like this one because it looks like a band shirt - $29

7) Topshop Map Print Shirt - The only top in here that isn't a t-shirt, and I absolutely love it. I can think of so many different outfits for it, it's just so cute! - $70

8) Insight Splice Graphic Colorblock Tee - $39

9) Signorelli Meow Muscle Tee - $34

10) Corner Shop Lincoln Cat Muscle Tee - If you couldn't already tell, I really like cats haha - $29


So yeah, it's been a while.. I lost inspiration, then I got inspired but didn't have enough time, and now I'm just tired of using that as an excuse, you know? If you love something, you find time for it.

So hey guys, how have you been?? :)