March 30, 2013

MAC Giveaway: 50 Followers! *CLOSED*

Hello lovies!!

As you can tell from the title, I'm doing a giveaway! I've recently reached 50 followers, and wanted to celebrate with a giveaway!

Earlier this month I asked you guys what kind of shopping spree I should have, and I ended up spending most of my money at MAC. I was going to give a lipstick away, but because I was spending my money before the giveaway, I didn't want to buy something that wouldn't go with the winner's skin tone, so I decided on a lipgloss instead! It's a MAC Dazzleglass lipgloss in Sugarrimmed, which is a lovely glittery/shimmery light pink that I'm sure will look gorgeous over any color - or just by itself!

This is an international giveaway, so anyone can enter!


You have to be following me on GFC and/or Bloglovin' to enter.

For extra entries, follow me on:

I'm not going to ask you to tweet about the giveaway or anything, because I personally hate doing that, but if you want to, then that will also be an additional entry.

Just comment below with your email and all of your entries and links, so that way I know how many entries you have and I can also follow you guys back!


I'll be choosing a winner on April 10th, and entries are open until then :)



India said...

I have being following you on GFC for a while as India :) xx

Unknown said...

I've followed you via gfc anyways! :-) xx

Unknown said...

Bloglovin: Slađana Sušilović
GFC: sladana. susilovic
twitter: @ssusilovic

Thais Magalhães said...

Bloglovin and GFC name: Thais Magalhães
Tumblr: yeahitsthaat
Instagram: @yeahitsthaat

Unknown said...

gfc:anastasia k
bloglovin:Helen Smith
she said beauty:anastasia k

Chizuru said...

Bloglovin: Chizuru♥
GFC: Chizuru
Shesaidbeauty: Chizuru
Tumblr: pinkulily

Unknown said...

bloglovin: kardio
tumblr: herAztec
gfc: samra


silviabia said...

GFC: silviabia
Bloglovin': Sílvia Ferreira
Twitter: @silviabia41
Tumblr: silviabia
She Said Beauty: silviabia

kati_kz said...

Bloglovin: katiz
GFC: kati_kz
twitter: @kati_kz

Jo said...

Following you through GFC as Jo Tee :)

Alexandra Cîrlea said...

Name: Alexandra Cîrlea
GFC: Painter Painter
Bloglovin: Alexandra Cîrlea
twitter: @AlexandraPainte
She Said Beauty: alexandra9


amora said...

Unknown said...

Followed on GFC and Blog Lovin for ages now. I just followed on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram too though :)

GFC & BlogLovin: Becki Vieira
Twitter and Instagram: BeckiCharlotte
Tumblr: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

This is an amazing giveaway :D

Unknown said...

Following you through bloglovin: Samantha Woods
twitter: skw512

Glossy Lala said...

Great GA hun!!

GFC & FB & Bloglovin: Glossy Lala
Twitter: @glossylala


Unknown said...

bloglovin: awhdarling
twitter: awhdarling
tweeted about giveaway:
instagram: awhdarling

Unknown said...

Congrats girl..! XD Following you each entries..

GFC: Liza Chan


Twitter: @just_luckygirl

Instagram: @justluckygirl

shesaidbeauty: Liza Chan

Tumblr: I'll do it later.. thanks.. XD

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

hi! Nice giveaway!

Followed on GFC: Asshlyofficial
Bloglovin Username: Asshlyofficial
Twitter: Asshlyofficial
instagram: Asshlyofficial
Shesaidbeauty: Asshly

Anonymous said...

GFC: krystal_marie01
Twitter: @romantycide
Tumblr: romantycide

I don't have an instagram account and a she said beauty account.

Winda - said...

GFC: Winda
Twitter: @wind1403

thanks :)

Divya Asha said...

Done the above mentioned steps. Following your blog.

GFC Name: Divya Asha
Bloglovin name: Divya Asha
Twitter ID: @DivyaAsha
Tumblr name: Divya Asha
She said beauty name: Divya Asha
Tweeted link:

Divya Asha said...

My e-mail ID:

livingbelowtheclouds said...

GFC - livingbelowtheclouds
Bloglovin' - joanapatriciab
Twitter - @JoanaPatrcia2
Instagram - joanapatriciab


Наталья said...

GFC Natalia Afonina
twitter name: @ricci_nata
tumblr: nata-ricci
She Said Beauty: nataricc

Share FB:

Olga said...

Bloglovin:Olga Petsi
she said beauty:
twitter @olgap77

claudia_mami said...

fb : nicoleta ciocoiu
share :

Unknown said...

that lipgloss looks delicious!!!!!!

GFC name:Evi G
Bloglovin:Evi Gania

Caitlin said...

Hey! I love your blog and this giveaway is so nice :)

GFC: Caitlin (as above)
Bloglovin': cicirose
twitter: @caitlingeeaitch
email: c[dot]gladneyhatcher[at]gmail[dot]com

Thanks for the chance to win!

christinayanggg said...

Thank you!!!
Email: ccccdream(At)
GFC: Christina Y.
Bloglovin: ccccdream
Twitter: @christinasy123

Katarzyna said...

GFC follower - Katarzyna

She Said Beauty follower - Kaziutka

email: gogunia3(at)wp(dot)pl

OohLadyBeGood said...

Hi =)

Gfc: oohladybegood
bloglovin: oohladybegood
twitter: frostyfairycake

Sophielou said...

Congratulations on 50 followers lovely! And thank you so much for an amazing giveaway!

GFC: sophielou
Bloglovin: punkypugs
Twitter: @sophie_bowman
Tumblr: Punkypugs
Instagram: @sophiee_louu
Shesadibeauty: punkypugs
And blog:

I have done all of the entries, and am so happy I now follow your blog, as I adore it!! xxxxx

Colleen Boudreau said...

GFC: Colleen Boudreau
Bloglovin: Collifornia

For extra entries, I follow you on:

Tumblr: Collifornia
She Said Beauty: Collifornia
Instagram: Collifornia
& I tweeted:

Unknown said...

Hi Haley,
I follow your blog on GFC, Bloglovin, and She Said Beauty. My names/profile links are:

GFC: Maneeta
She Said Beauty:

Unknown said...

Woohoo! Congrats on your 50 follower milestone! :)

Followed on GFC: Anne Consolacion
Followed on Tumblr: anneconsolacion
Followed on SheSaidBeauty:

Camelia said...

Excited! Great blog and congrats on the followers!
Hope you can follow me back as well!
instagram @camelialovescats

Unknown said...

Bloglovin: Srna Kulik
email: srnacoollik(at)gmail(dot)com

Unknown said...

I'm so happy you're gaining followers, Congratulations! I think I've been following you for quite a while now haha

I'm always either EverythingGeorgiax or GeorgiaaWood

you follow me on twitter so come say hi!


Unknown said...

Congradulations on your blog, i love your background, fingers crossed i win! I've been wanting this lipgloss for so long!

Followed you on GFC - name is - Beauty Cave/Ellie B

Unfortunatly I don't have any of the other entries, as I don't have accounts!

Good luck to who ever wins!

Oh and my blog is,

+my email is

thank you, Ellie xx

Estefanía Ainoza said...

I love it!!!! Really nice!!

Irina G. said...

Congrats on 50 followers!
GFC: Irina Gnatiuk
Following you on Twitter, name: @IrinaZhoze
Following you on Tumblr, name:irinazhoze (Zhozefina's World)
Following you on She Said Beauty, name: irina.dub
Following you on Instagram, name: @irinagnatiuk

Janet D. said...

Congrats on your 50 follower milestone!

Followed on GFC: Janet D.
Followed on Bloglovin:Janet D.
Followed on Tumblr:jeanettedym
Followed on SheSaidBeauty:
Followed on Twiter:@JeanetteDorta
Followed on Instagram:
My email:
Thanks for this lovely giveaway!!

Natasha K said...

gfc blublu
twitter sissy899
tumbler sissy899
shesaidbeauty blublu899
instagram sissy899
I'd love to try finally something from Mac!!!!!!

Penny said...

beautiful blog :)
followed on bloglovin & shesaidbeauty - penny lomfalk/ penny_pelle(at)

Anonymous said...

GFC: jess
Bloglovin: ! Love Makeup 68

great giveaway! nice blog.=)

Unknown said...

This is a great giveaway! So,
GFC: Dilettaaa
Bloglovin': Mementomihi

Follow back if you like!

josipa24 said...


GFC: josipa24
Bloglovin': Josipa Kristić


lou said...
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lou said...
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Unknown said...

gfc lola
bloglovin cagalj
twitter ja_sam_laura
tumblr lauralolac
shesaidbeauty laura.cag

Sílvia Ávila said...

GFC: Sílvia Ávila
Bloglovin': Sílvia Ávila
Twitter: @silviaavila
Tumblr: silviaavila
She Said Beauty: sílvia
share on twitter:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!
I follow via gfc:venn ned
I follow on bloglovin;

I follow on twitter @liveit2

venn.ned at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Bloglovin': Ana Ma
Twitter: @anamatcag
Tublr: anamatcag
She Said Beauty: anamatija

Editor said...

Bloglovin : Solarride Rivernik
Following you on Twitter @Solarride
Tumblr : solarriderivern
She Said Beauty: Solarride


Mateja Novak said...

GFC: Mateja Novak
Bloglovin': Mateja Novak (
Twitter: @mateja1984
Tumblr: mateja1984
She Said Beauty: mateja1984

Unknown said...

GFC: Denise F
Bloglovin: Denise F
Twitter: Nisefo62
Tumbler: Petiteandsweetbtq

Paula Dela Cruz said...

Unknown said...

GFC : Isaa
Bloglovin : Isabel Almeida


twitter : @isabel_ac

tumblr : aiac

she said beauty : Isabel Almeida

instagram : @isaaaa24

lou said...

Now follow you on twitter too!! @hannahlouisa_

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